Can you keep your community
ahead of an outbreak?
Can you keep your community ahead of an outbreak? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring: Prevent outbreaks from becoming epidemics

In no time, an outbreak that serves as a minimal threat can become an epidemic that wreaks havoc on the population, the healthcare system, and the economy. Health departments and agencies need to be made aware of any outbreak, no matter how small, so they can proactively address and manage it.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring is a Cloud solution designed for a fast, easy call center configuration internally based on specific outbreaks. It leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you:

  • Identify outbreaks through a variety of information channels
  • Quickly configure a call center for the outbreak with pre-built call intake surveys for the specific disease/incident (measles, TB, Zika, etc.)
  • Patient tracking software to track potentially exposed or infected citizens and their movement to locations
  • Dispatch health officials to locations visited by infected citizens
  • Utilize social media outlets to notify the population of a potential exposure
  • Respond to inbound inquiries and perform outbound follow-up calls/letters to citizens who might be infected
  • Monitor at-risk citizens based on CDC, state and local protocols to isolate the specific disease and report back the results

The fastest way to the heart of the matter

Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring lets you configure intake surveys specific to the type of outbreak. Survey answers will help automatically direct your people to the appropriate follow-up questions, or routing and further action. Workflows based on CDC monitoring protocols ensure isolation of an outbreak and get citizens the care they need. This solution also allows aggregate results to be reported back to the State Health Department and the CDC.

Stay on top of an outbreak

Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring gives you the efficient outreach and proactive management that will lead to the containment and treatment of outbreaks. By streamlining procedures from intake screening through citizen monitoring, it helps ensure proper treatment and follow-up. It also provides the ability to proactively manage outreach efforts through social media, calls, and mass mail. Just as importantly, it provides easy aggregation of data through dashboards, analytics, and reporting that are compliant with your state and the CDC.

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Solution Brief: Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring
With AKA’s Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, health departments and agencies get a platform designed for fast, easy call center configuration based on specific outbreaks.
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