Microsoft Dynamics for the Public Sector



Whether you are a government office or agency, you face growing demands to provide expanded, high quality services and improved outcomes to ensure continued funding. The people you serve require greater efficiency and accountability. You must contend with many factors, from managing cases to increasing operational requirements—with tight budgets and systems that don’t help your people do their jobs better.

To meet these challenges, you need business systems that are simple and straightforward to use, yet improve efficiency while cutting costs. AKA can help—with solutions that address all aspects of your organization and the agencies, partners, and people you work with.

A single, integrated ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) system can provide real-time financial data, increased productivity and the ability to adapt to changing legislative and administrative requirements that help you tailor and accelerate your delivery of services to constituents, with increased accountability.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your organization to streamline key business processes and better oversee operations:

  • Contract Management – Automates and streamlines contract management for various entities, helping them manage the approval process, keep track of spending, and stay in compliance with contracts
  • Budget Management – Simplifies budget planning, makes it easy to analyze, update, and consolidate budget plans using multiple scenarios, and helps enforce legal appropriation compliance,
  • Grant Management – Enables easy management of budgets and initiatives as well as tracking of multiple funding to facilitate multi-year budgeting, accounting, and project and grant life-cycle compliance and reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also enables you or the agencies you work with deliver a positive customer experience every time, while making it easier for your staff to do their job:

  • Citizen Engagement – Enables public-facing offices to manage citizen interaction.
  • Youth & Community Development – Helps CBOs engage with citizens and deliver quality programming while providing government offices with the ability to monitor and report on participation and outcomes.
  • Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring – Makes it easy to configure a call center platform to enable fast response to an outbreak, preventing epidemics.
  • Legal Case Management Helps the public attorney’s office effectively manage all cases: contact management, seamless email and calendaring integration, and robust document storage and management

We have worked with governments from the local to federal level, and public service agencies, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Fairfax County, Virginia, Oyster Bay, New York, and more. We are proud that our solutions have contributed in bettering the lives of millions of people.

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