Are you fully prepared to address
your community’s health concerns?
Are you fully prepared to address your community’s health concerns? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Health Departments: Let technology lead the way to outreach and prevention

Prevention and outreach are the cornerstones of ensuring the health and safety of your community. Yet health services organizations across government municipalities are operating at maximum capacity with limited technology.

As resources are spread thin, state and local governments are often unprepared for health emergencies—emergencies that could be mitigated or prevented by coordinated outreach. Seemingly overnight, an outbreak that serves as no threat can become an epidemic, wreaking havoc on the population, the healthcare system, and the economy. Health departments need to be made aware of any outbreak, no matter how small, so they can proactively address and manage it.

Give your community the attention it deserves

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Health Departments—Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring and Employee Immunization Tracking – coordinate information across the multiple entities involved with intake assessment, eligibility, scheduling, planning, outreach, and performance measuring.

Using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Cloud to centralize data and automate activities, these solutions give everyone easier and quicker access to the information they need to respond to a health crisis and improve the community’s experience and overall quality of services.

Protect your employees and citizens while preventing the spread of disease.

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Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring
A proactive, scalable, and flexible approach to managing public health threats.

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Solution Brief: Public Health Outbreak Tracking and Monitoring
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s Public Health Outbreak Tracking helps prevent outbreaks from becoming epidemics. Read the solution brief to learn more.
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Case Study

Public Health Department Serving 1M+ Citizens Prevents Spread of Diseases Using AKA's Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring Solution

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