Are you meeting the needs
of your citizens?
Are you meeting the needs of your citizens? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Citizens Services: Instill confidence with responsive service

Working for the public, it’s your responsibility to provide all your citizens—individuals and businesses alike—with excellent services that meet their needs and position them for success and prosperity. That’s not easy when you’re dealing with diverse populations and limited resources. Regardless, delivering a consistently positive experience to your citizens is imperative—and that means getting rid of disparate, outdated systems and bringing on an integrated solution.

With DynamicsAdvantage for Citizen Services, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we help governments and agencies at the local, state, and federal levels improve productivity and work within tight budgets while satisfying the needs and demands of their citizens.

Break down silos – and improve ROI

Effectively providing good service is difficult when you’re forced to work with multiple or outdated systems that make it difficult to manage information and hinder every process. With an integrated, centralized solution built on a flexible, scalable Cloud platform, you connect systems and people across departments and agencies, providing access to vital information. Reduced long-term maintenance costs also provide a more cost-effective solution as well as improved ROI.

Proven cloud solutions for government

Building solutions based on the Cloud computing foundation of Dynamics 365, we have worked with governments from the local to federal level. Our clients have included public service agencies, some of the country’s largest and most populated counties, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Citizen Engagement
Citizen Engagement is designed to manage and respond to citizen requests, facilitate proactive outreach, and empower citizens to be more involved in the community.

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Economic Development
Enables public-facing government offices to manage citizen interaction, from initial request through resolution, with pre-built reporting for senior leadership.

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On-Demand Webcast: Take Citizen Engagement from Adequate to Effective with Power BI
In this webcast, Mike Hammons, Director of Customer Experience and the BI Practice at AKA Enterprise Solutions, presents a detailed overview of how AKA's Citizen Engagement Solution, particularly Power BI, effectively manages citizen requests from inquiry to resolution.
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Case Study

One Complex County Uses Dynamics 365 to Proactively Engage Citizens and Respond to Inquiries

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