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Achieve compliance and regulatory requirements without cost and complexity

Make compliance a seamless part of daily activities with AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for DOL Fiduciary Rule Compliance Management.

DOL Fiduciary Compliance: Recommendations backed with confidence

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 (formerly AX and CRM), AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for DOL Fiduciary Rule Compliance Management gives you everything you need to meet regulatory requirements without complications or a hefty price tag. 

With a 360-degree view of customers as well as detailed tracking of events and interactions, you’ll feel secure that your recommendations are in the best interest of clients—and that those recommendations are thoroughly documented.

That same visibility also provides a deeper understanding of customers, enabling you to be more proactive in uncovering and addressing potential problems while taking advantage of more opportunities.

For Advisors:

  • Identify and track any event that qualifies as a recommendation
  • Route recommendations to the back office for review and approval
  • Capture and report on key client, account, product, and event types quickly
  • Perform research and maintain a product library
  • Work from anywhere with an intuitive, mobile-enabled interface

For the Back Office:

  • Create, update, and maintain BICs (Best Interest Contracts) in a central location
  • Monitor and review recommendations through convenient dashboards
  • Produce reports for internal management and external authorities

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