Do you want the benefits of both
Dynamics GP and the Cloud?
Do you want the benefits of both Dynamics GP and the Cloud? Mr. John Smith
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Ground to Cloud Microsoft Dynamics GP Migration: Your existing ERP solution…supercharged by Azure

Your organization has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for years. It meets your needs, your employees know how to use it, and it’s working. So why make a change?

While GP is certainly an excellent ERP solution, it is still an on-premise solution, which means you are missing out on the many advantages offered by the Cloud. With AKA’s Ground to Cloud Dynamics GP Migration offering, you can keep and continue enjoying the benefits of your GP solution and take advantage of what Azure has to offer. It’s perfect for organizations that:

  • Want to stay on GP rather than migrating Dynamics 365
  • Have hardware that is reaching end of life and do not want the expense of replacing it
  • Are ready for a GP upgrade—the perfect opportunity to migrate to the cloud
  • Are interested in downsizing or outsourcing their IT to save money or because they do not have internal GP expertise
  • Are decentralizing or require the ability to work remotely

Dynamics on Azure: The benefits are compelling

Moving Microsoft Dynamics GP from on-premise (2013 or later) to the Cloud provides you with the benefits you’ve always experienced—“supercharged” by Azure. Benefits include:

High availability—Your data resides in a state-of-the-art Microsoft data center with built-in redundancy, downtime is minimal for updates and maintenance, and backup facilities are staffed 24/7.

Integration with on-premise—Your Dynamics GP Cloud environment will be fully integrated with your on-premise systems for a seamless user experience.

Highly scalable—No more dealing with on-premises infrastructures that are fixed and expensive to expand; Azure allows fast resizing of servers, storage capacity, and build-out of new environments.

Pay for what you need—Azure allows you to scale usage based on demand so you pay only for what you need.

Data safety and security—Microsoft is well equipped to meet compliance and regulatory standards for security and authentication, taking the burden off your staff.

Take advantage of the latest features in Dynamics GP—Migrating to Azure is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to the current version of GP so you can take advantage of the latest features. You also get the opportunity to review and optimize your current ERP processes to be more efficient and cost effective.

Everywhere availability—All your employees need is Internet access to use
Dynamics GP around the world; Azure runs on a growing global network of
Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Azure keeps you ahead of the curve—You get immediate access to the latest and greatest as Microsoft continues to refine and enhance Azure.

AKA as your partner: Experience you won’t find anywhere else

The right technology is only part of the equation. You need a partner with expertise in Azure, Dynamics GP, and how to integrate systems for optimum performance. We offer:

  • One-stop support—You have one place to call for Dynamics GP, Azure, or other infrastructure issues—you won’t get bounced around between different support teams.
  • Unparalleled experience—AKA has been a Dynamics GP partner for more than 20 years and has an expert Cloud team. These teams work together to ensure your solution works seamlessly.
  • Deep IT expertise—Rather than relying on an internal IT resource that might not know Dynamics GP or have Cloud expertise, you have AKA’s GP and Azure consultants, developers, and support staff as your IT team.
  • Fast, thorough implementations—We have a proven implementation approach that will have you up and running in Azure in days, not months.

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