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Worried about losing other business-critical systems and applications? Mr. John Smith
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Framework: An IT-Friendly Way to Connect Dynamics to Your Systems and Applications

Your organization has moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365—or is currently considering a move to Dynamics. There are many questions to ask as you determine your implementation plan or decide if Dynamics is even the right solution. One of the most critical questions: Will Dynamics work with your other business-critical systems? This could be a deal breaker. One option is to use a tool like Scribe or KingswaySoft, but those products can be cost-prohibitive.

A technology solution that empowers business

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Framework gives you the integration you need at a price that’s much easier to digest. With DynamicsAdvantage, your Dynamics 365 solution will work smoothly with all your systems, including Salesforce, Oracle, and other on-premise applications—as well as your custom-developed websites and portals.

But DynamicsAdvantage is also a powerful business enabler, breaking down silos between these systems, allowing data and processes to flow smoothly. Regardless of other technology you depend on, AKA and DynamicsAdvantage can make it all work together in one ecosystem—without the high cost associated with other integration solutions.

An IT-friendly platform

With the power of Azure, DynamicsAdvantage gives you the ability to easily integrate and share data between all your business-critical systems and applications without having to replace them or deal with heavy modifications. As an integration framework, DynamicsAdvantage provides the technical horsepower you need to integrate your systems.

Your IT staff will appreciate that AKA has taken the time-consuming tasks associated with integrations off the table, getting all the pieces in place and eliminating any potential version conflicts and other issues that typically come with an integration project. The development complexity curve is substantially decreased because the experts at AKA understand and take care of all that “plumbing”. Your IT staff can get down to business, dealing only with familiar coding tasks like writing queries. It’s fast and easy. And if they already have Azure, C Sharp, or Logic App experience, it’s even faster and easier.

A solution that leverages the power of Microsoft

With the introduction and continued evolution of its technology offerings, Microsoft is standing by its commitment to blurring the lines between on-prem and the cloud and making it easier to share and facilitate the intelligent use of data.

DynamicsAdvantage leverages the power of Microsoft. With Azure, you pay only for what you use, making your integration strategy a cost-effective one. If you’re already using Microsoft technology—Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, and so on—DynamicsAdvantage is simply a no brainer, but even if you use technology other than Microsoft, your best and most cost-effective bet is DynamicsAdvantage.   

Expertise: The other half of the equation

At AKA, we’re proud of the technology we represent, but we’re absolutely convinced that technology is only half the solution. With the DynamicsAdvantage Integration Platform, you also get AKA’s experts, with years of experience in implementing and integrating Microsoft products like Dynamics and Azure. In fact, it’s our deep understanding of these critical technical areas that led us to develop DynamicsAdvantage. 

Don’t let your other business-critical systems and applications keep you from taking advantage of the Cloud. Talk to AKA’s Cloud experts about connecting Dynamics 365 to your ecosystem.

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