Roanoke County, VA
Chooses Microsoft Dynamics to improve county and county schools' employee productivity across departments
Success Story: Roanoke County, VA 2018-01-19T22:21:05+00:00


The County of Roanoke, Virginia, has over 2,800 employees who administer all county business, to include public schools.


Working with an outdated ERP system, Roanoke County was experiencing difficulties maintaining industry standards and keeping pace with government requirements. Their legacy financial management solution no longer had a future roadmap or adequate support network. In addition, technical upgrades were unclear or unavailable, which meant updating the system to meet changing needs and regulations was a perpetual challenge. Roanoke County partnered with AKA Enterprise Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics as their new accounting and finance solution. The convenience of an easy to administer system and robust, out-of-the-box functionality has enabled both Roanoke County and Roanoke County Schools to improve productivity across departments with ad hoc reporting, easy access to data, and enhanced workflows.

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