CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
goes from ground to Cloud for exponential growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Azure
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CAPTRUST Financial Advisors is an independent investment research and advisory firm specializing in providing retirement plan and investment advisory services to 5,000+ clients. The firm represents more than $278 billion in client assets, with a 98% retention rate and rapid annual growth year over year.


CAPTRUSTs’ success has been marked by a continual effort to go beyond the status
quo—constantly innovating to stay on top. The firm is growing rapidly and needed to re-evaluate technology and processes from the ground up. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the hub for critical business operations, the firm decided to upgrade to Dynamics 365 on Azure—a complete solution and platform that would get them off the ground and into the Cloud. Requirements focused on four primary areas: Resiliency, Security, Scalability, and Longevity. They chose AKA because of our technical expertise and our experience working with financial services firms of all sizes. The new solution includes Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 Groups, and Power BI. Mission-critical processes are streamlined, client communication is seamless, and the new platform is well equipped for rapid growth.

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