How Asset Management Firms Are Rebooting Sales & Service Using Microsoft Apps They Already Own 2019-01-21T15:14:37+00:00

On-Demand Webcast: How Asset Management Firms Are Rebooting Sales & Service Using Microsoft Apps They Already Own

Asset Managers need to laser-focus on the most profitable relationships. Yet, most CRM systems are used only to capture leads and manage the pipeline. 

Watch this on-demand webcast and discover how peers are leveraging Microsoft apps they already own to increase the value of their CRM system…and help salespeople channel their efforts on the accounts and activities with the greatest potential.

You will see how they:

  • Provide insight into how interactions with advisors, branch offices, and broker-dealers are affecting outcomes.
  • Identify the opportunities and RFPs that the firm is most likely to win (and which are a waste of time). 
  • Easily plan trips around the opportunities that offer the greatest ROI potential.  
  • Simplify time-consuming meeting tasks and communications (and improve the client experience at the same time).
  • Better target and plan campaigns that ensure time and money are spent wisely.
  • Make timely, informed decisions with dashboards that provide visibility across the enterprise.


To watch the recording in full screen mode, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the presentation after the video begins.


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