Demo: Addressing The Right To Know Act (SB-1421) and Other Public Record Requests with the Microsoft Power Platform 2020-05-26T17:17:13+00:00

Demo: Addressing The Right To Know Act (SB-1421) and Other Public Record Requests with the Microsoft Power Platform

**If you are looking for the webinar “How to Prepare Your Government Agency for Right to Know Information Requests”, please be advised that we are postponing the event until July or August 2020. The demo below provides a quick overview of the solution we developed and planned to share on the webinar.**

Law enforcement agencies in California and other states—and the list is growing—are now required to provide access to certain police records to anyone requesting them. In California, this law is referred to as SB-1421, The Right to Know Act. But with outdated or inadequate technology, they struggle to prioritize, coordinate, and process requests to meet statutory requirements, including response timeliness and communications with those requesting the information, creating backlogs and putting them at risk for litigation. AKA can help—with solutions for public records requests that help law enforcement agencies:

  • Manage and streamline secure internal and external communication and collaboration
  • Efficiently collect and process large amounts of data from various sources
  • Automate processes like review/redaction
  • Take advantage of analytics to provide more insight and transparency

Watch the 8 minute demo to learn more!

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