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Power BI

Is it sometimes a struggle to process all the information you need to meet your goals? If so, Microsoft Power BI can help. You can quickly, effectively and economically access, analyze, report on, and share your mission-critical information.

Power BI is a collection of data analytics tools that deliver insights across an organization. This allows you to connect to hundreds of critical data sources, simplify data preparation, and easily manage ad hoc analysis.

With Power BI, you can produce professional reports and publish them for consumption on the web and across mobile devices. And it’s accessible—everyone in the organization can create a personalized dashboard with a unique, 360-degree view. Power BI is also scalable with built-in governance and security.

Power BI reduces the complexity of organizing and distributing information – which leads to competitive advantages, overall better decisions, and an improved bottom line.

Bring your data to life through business analytics with Power BI

Power BI provides you with easy access to the data you need—anytime and anywhere. Regardless of data location or format, Power BI will give you a holistic view of critical metrics.

A convenient, Cloud-based offering, Power BI enables you to monitor your business using a live dashboard so you instantly know which areas need attention—allowing you to resolve issues before they become problems. You can also take advantage of opportunities as soon as they present themselves. With easy, out-of-the box dashboards for Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can get insights in no time and with little training.

Power BI comes equipped with touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Open standards-based REST API allows integration with your application or service.

Make better, more relevant decisions

Let your organization realize the benefits of business intelligence with Power BI and by leveraging your existing technology investments in .NET, SQL Server, and Office. AKA can help to develop rich integrated reporting and analytics experiences that empower your users to gain access to accurate, up-to-date information – which is the life blood of effective decision making.

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