Deepen customer relationships
with AI-powered insights
Deepen customer relationships with AI-powered insights Mr. John Smith
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Microsoft Customer Insights

To compete in any industry, you need to build more personal, meaningful relationships with your customers. To do that, you need to know as much as you can about them. While data is easy to come by these days, it’s not so easy to tame it and put it into a format that gives you insights you need to determine your next move. Enter Microsoft Customer Insights.Microsoft Customer Insights

Microsoft Customer Insights can help…by connecting data from nearly any source, like social media or public news sources and using artificial intelligence to build a 360-degree view of your customer, from which you can gain powerful insights.

You can then put these insights to work to drive action that supports any goal, from improving the customer experience to retaining valuable sales people or other top producers.

Gain valuable, actionable insights…and put them to work

With Customer Insights, you can:

  • Break down silos that keep you from seeing the big picture
  • Turbo-charge the customer experience by automating customer-centric processes
  • Enrich customer information with data from nearly any source for a complete picture

Use AI to turn data into proactive insights…and customers for life

AI-driven insights are a reality with Microsoft Customer Insights. You can transform your business into a true, customer-centric organization by providing everyone with the insights they need to build valuable, lasting relationships that create customers for life.

Your analysts and admins will be happy, too

With Customer Insights, your analysts will be happy, too, with:

  • Access to Microsoft Power Platform connectors to ensure smooth collection of all customer data
  • Ability to unify customer data and transform it into the Microsoft Dataflex Pro (formerly known as the Common Data Service) format
  • “Clicks-not-code” configuration and debugging for easy setup and configuration
  • Ability to cleanse and standardize customer data across disparate sources with AI-powered recommendations

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