Vision Customer Conference – Jack Ades, CEO

Join us for Vision 2010, our annual customer conference at the NY Microsoft Office on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010. We’re looking forward to your attendance!

The day we hold our Vision customer conference is always one of my favorite days of the year. It is extremely inspiring and gratifying to interact with our clients in this venue as they learn about all of the opportunities available to invigorate their systems and grow their businesses. It has always been our goal that, as opposed to turning this event into a sales pitch, we impart real value to our clients. And thankfully from the feedback we have received in the past we consistently meet that goal.

As a company we put tremendous effort behind Vision. For weeks in advance, our team members invest their time (yes, lots of non-billable hours) preparing for the sessions they will lead, which are always required to contain the latest, relevant content. The team that organizes the event plans from even earlier, several months before, to organize all the content and logistics. And many of our vendors contact us a year in advance to determine if they will have spots at our expo, which has limited space. Juggling those requests is always an effort, and we are grateful for the partnership we have with those vendors and for their commitment.

I’m especially excited to hear Chris Sakalosky’s keynote address. He will be speaking about some of Microsoft’s major initiatives regarding cloud computing and natural user interface technology. He will then relate that to the future vision for Dynamics. That will start off our Vision conference which I hope will be as enjoyable to our clients, team members and expo partners as it is every year for me.

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