The Value of Support From Your Microsoft VAR

After purchasing and implementing an ERP, CRM or any other kind of packaged software system for your business, you are often presented with a support contract to go with the maintenance contract. Your maintenance contract guarantees access to upgrades, patches and hotfixes to keep your system current and performing as promised, and seems to be a logical step for most or all customers. The value of a support contract on top of that isn’t always as clear and often customers opt out because of the cost and their lack of understanding.

In order to help shed some light on what a support contract can do for your business, we have asked our support desk and a few support customers for their input. AKA’s Support Desk provides many benefits to new and existing ERP and CRM customers. AKA’s standard support plan provides unlimited support cases including support of Microsoft, any customizations  to your system and all third party products that integrate with your Microsoft ERP or CRM solution. Additionally, our support plan covers all Microsoft versions, even older ones that are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Many of our support clients have mentioned the personal relationship they have with our support team as a huge benefit, as we know your systems and can act quickly to provide solutions and guidance. With over 25 years of combined Microsoft experience our team has a large archive of cases and resolutions to look back on.

Customers further see the value of support providing one neck to choke and only paying one fee annually because  it reduces complexity in solving issues where multiple products are involved. Our personal approach makes it easier to reach us by phone, email and our support team uses remote connectivity tools to view your screen and fix issues as if they were there. You’ve consolidated your processes with a fully integrated system, why would you look to multiple places for support?

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