Top 4 Reasons We are REALLY Excited About Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that on Monday Microsoft announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. This is a very exciting acquisition for Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics Partners. We for one, are eager to see what’s in store and how we’ll be able to leverage LinkedIn when selling Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In anticipation (and excitement) we have put together the top 4 reasons we are excited about Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn:


One of the most important tools in a sales person’s arsenal is LinkedIn. Who isn’t researching leads and prospects on LinkedIn these days? Or even using it as a means of making contact! With up-to-date information on contacts, connections and online communities’ sales and marketing teams will be making more informed decisions and winning more deals.


When it comes to CRM it’s no surprise that data can become outdated if not properly and consistently cleaned.  If you’ve worked in CRM you’ve at some time or another been tasked with cleaning up data. LinkedIn users update their profiles on their own which means that data would be cleaned automatically in Dynamics CRM with no effort on behalf of the CRM users.


If our predictions become a reality, then this would mean a seamless integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. No more toggling back and forth between CRM and LinkedIn. Being able to see team member’s connections across the company would allow sales teams to collaborate more effectively.


Microsoft Dynamics + LinkedIn Data = One BIG competitive advantage! LinkedIn is by far the leader in business-to-business social networking with a vast store of professional data. With all of the recent acquisitions Microsoft has added to Dynamics CRM (FieldOne, Adxstudio, Parature) this will by far be the one to set it apart from Salesforce and allow Microsoft to take leadership in the market.

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