Testing Social Media Branding? Here’s What You Need to Know

More businesses are establishing a presence on popular social media sites. Having an online presence can strengthen connections with consumers and establish loyalty with existing customers. However, posting on these sites isn’t a spur-of-the-moment kind of process. A successful social media presence requires planning. Here’s what you should know before testing the social media waters.

As discussed in “How to engage your audience on social media,” posted by Emily Potts on PRDaily.com, a social media presence can make your brand more relatable to customers, which can generate brand allegiance. Consumers like to feel a connection with the products they use or companies that they frequently purchase from and social media sites make it easier for consumers to voice opinions or otherwise enact with these organizations. Potts offers three main areas of consideration as you begin to strategize social media branding.

3 Key Factors to Include in Social Media Branding Efforts

  1. Learn how to interact: Businesses need to understand what drives customers and how to interact with them to achieve desired results. Your business has a mission or a message and that focus should apply across each platform. Designate the right team of advertising and marketing professionals, not just the employee that is savvy with social networks.
  2. Speak the right language: Just as you are focused on providing a consistent message to customers, you must also use consistent language. Wording and key phrases should be the same on all forms of advertising and marketing whether they are traditional, digital or on social media. Consumers expect consistency no matter where they find your branding message.
  3. Choose content wisely: There is a time and a place for brand humor and entertaining videos; however, social media branding is serious business. Posting on social media networks is a representation of your company, not an employee’s personal platform. Clever content can boost sales. However, miss the mark and bad posts can have long-lasting consequences.

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can provide insight into customers, improving efforts to profile audiences and develop relevant content. Dashboards and other business intelligence features support your ability to identify which efforts or content delivers a better response. You can then fine tune your advertising efforts to attract and engage more customers. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how plan and execute a successful social media branding strategy with the support of CRM.

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