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The state of Massachusetts wanted to know how well their public works department was working which is not an easy question to answer when many departments use intermittent work order systems or emails to assign work.  The Government Analytics Program (GAP) at the Collins Center for Public Management in the McCormack School of Policy and Global Studies out of UMass Boston offered assistance to harness the data they need to make data-driven decisions and the approach is making a difference.

Citizens want to know how well public works operations are working, yet even with the availability of innovative technology, it’s a question not easily answered.  As indicated in “Massachusetts Fine Tunes Public Works Through Data Analytics,” posted by Michael Ward on, the question is largely unanswerable in the state of Massachusetts, where Post-It notes and printed emails are used to assign tasks.  As such, there is no consistency with work orders or task completion, which makes it virtually impossible to determine what is being done, let alone how well it’s being done.

The GAP offers a unique service to municipalities, such as those in Massachusetts, by teaching them how to become more data-driven.  GAP provides training on the value of data and how it can be used.  Sharing ideas, solutions, and best practices being implemented by other municipalities can lead other regions to find ways to solve similar problems.

Public offices can also deploy stronger technology such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that are used successfully by many businesses and nonprofit organizations.  This innovative technology offers a simple way to capture the data being generated within a public office each and every day.  ERP can be used to manage financial transactions, monitor budgets and spending, gain control over inventory and suppliers, as well as process payroll and other human resources activities.  Powerful ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, also offer built-in business intelligence that can be used to identify trends and uncover ways to improve productivity and reduce wasteful practices.

Affordable, innovative ERP solutions make it easy to capture and use data to make data-driven decisions in the interest of your community.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about replacing inefficient systems with ERP and using data to improve services.

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