Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365? Here’s What You Need to Know

Modern business technology has taken a significant step forward with the merger of ERP and CRM systems within an app-centric model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the culmination of the high-functioning technology businesses need to thrive with the user-friendly and customizable apps employees want. The next generation of ERP and CRM is here and maybe you’re wondering if your business should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Before taking the time to replace outdated technology with a new management solution, it’s important to take the time and get to know your options. Not all business technology is the same, and Dynamics 365 has features that truly set it apart from other systems. We’ve developed a webinar series that takes a deep dive into Dynamics 365 features, functions, costs, and benefits. You’ll get information you need to know and see in action as you evaluate your options and determine whether upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right move for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series – Part 1

In Part 1, we discuss the main features that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 different. This cloud-based management solution has taken an app-centric model which creates unique licensing and pricing options. You get to pick and choose from the available key features, which provides the foundation of your business management solution including: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project-based Services. Get all the functionality you need, without paying extra for features you won’t use.

The licensing options offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 also make this app model unique. Not all of your employees need access to all of the apps or all of your data. You have three options for licensing Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  1. By the app: License individual apps for use by key staff. Purchase only what you need now and add more as your business grows.
  2. By the plan: Provide full access to all applications for a lower cost than purchasing each app individually.
  3. Team Members: For ‘light’ users who only need access for light tasks, take advantage of Team Member licensing at a greatly reduced cost.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series – Part 2

In Part 2, you will see highlights of some of the game-changing features offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365. A few of the new capabilities include:

  • Relationship insights
  • Outlook enhancements
  • Editable Grids
  • Mobile Improvements
  • App Modules
  • Learning Paths
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • Machine Learning, AML, and Artificial Intelligence

These and other capabilities unleash the power of data, turning information into a competitive advantage. You will have a new way to look at the data being generated through operations and customer interactions. Then, you can transform that data into insights to work more efficiently, anticipate customer needs or forecast future operational or customer trends.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series – Part 3

Finally, in Part 3, we explain new Microsoft services: PowerApps and Power Flow. As discussed in the first webinar, the app model offers great flexibility with both functionality and pricing. Users can customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 with additional apps through AppSource, PowerApps and Power Flow. Take advantage of additional applications that expand or enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or create your own web and mobile apps to tailor functionality for your own unique business processes.

PowerApps connects you to a growing network of data sources and services including Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and more. A visual designer can also be used to create mobile apps that use cameras, GPS, bar code reader and pen capabilities. Microsoft Flow makes it easier to create automatic workflows across applications and services. You can establish workflows for notifications, to synchronize files, capture key data or other common tasks. The possibilities are endless and, at the end of the day, your people will have an easier way to enter or find data, which improves productivity from across your organization.

Will Your Business Perform Better with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

And there’s more. The series continues with Part 4: It’s All About Insights, Insights, Insights and Part 5: The Voice of the Customer. Take some time to watch this multi-part webinar series to get to know your options with Dynamics 365.

Want to discuss your upgrade plans? Our team of experts is on hand to answer any of your questions. Together, we can help you determine the right fit for your business needs and goals.

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