Pennsylvania Legislates Open Portal to Improve Transparency

The governor of Pennsylvania recently signed an executive order mandating downloadable data, including some of the agencies’ most valuable data sets. The initiative is aimed at improving transparency to engage citizens, improve economic opportunities and streamline operations. Working with community entrepreneurs, hackers and educational facilities to unlock data, the open portal can potentially be used to improve city services and other goals established by the governor.

According to “Pennsylvania Announces Open Data Portal,” posted by Colin Wood on, the state is in the process of determining which data sets to release on the new open data portal. Agencies have been tasked by Governor Tom Wolf to find their most valuable data sets to share with the community. The state’s advisory board is working with each agency’s CIO and chief council office to establish standards around the data-sharing project and prioritize which data sets to release first. The agencies have until the fall to provide data that aligns with the governor’s goals which include job creation, workforce development, training and education, infrastructure, public safety, and other key strategies. Julie Snyder, director of the Office of Data and Digital Technology at the Office of Administration is in charge of the data portal activities and is also working with the civic hacker community, various universities and cities to determine the types of data these groups want to see and can put to good use. One of the state’s goals is to encourage hackathons and establish partnerships with other communities that can use the open portal data to drive the governor’s key initiatives.

Government Agencies Can Use ERP to Improve Productivity and Transparency

Other government and public sector agencies can take advantage of modern management solutions to capture and share data with the community. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can streamline internal operations, automate tasks and improve productivity. In addition, business intelligence features can highlight trends within data sets which can then be analyzed and used to improve operations, cut costs and improve citizen interactions. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using ERP to capture and share data between agencies or with community groups, and use that data to find new ways to make communities safer, smarter and better places to live.

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