On-Premise or Cloud? 3 Key Reasons One Financial Services Firm Chose the Cloud

This is the question in front of many wealth management and asset management executives today, and appears to be a difficult question to answer. You have confidential data to manage for your clients, not to mention changing regulations and the constant pressure of providing a better client experience. Can the cloud offer a safe location for data and provide the flexibility needed to change as business needs change? Here’s how one global financial services firm approached this question and what they decided.


Determine whether your technology is friend or foe

If you are considering cloud-based technology, chances are you aren’t pleased with your existing system, or you are on an older system that needs to either be replaced or upgraded. Legacy or specialty business management systems that once worked wonders haven’t been able to keep up with changing markets and regulatory pressures. Disparate systems, such as those specifically for accounting or customer information, not only do not meet your needs, but they also often add complexity because they do not talk to each other. The more employees choose spreadsheets and other manual processes to capture and manage data, the further away you get from the valuable data that drives success and growth.

CAPTRUST, a rapidly growing wealth management firm, found themselves at a similar crossroads. Having nearly doubled in size and planning for continued growth, it was time to either upgrade from their on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or find a new solution altogether. All of the firm’s 400+ employees use CRM each day, so clearly, this strategic decision was not being taken lightly.

As you’ll see in this short video, CAPTRUST needed to address three big questions as they were making the decision to either upgrade on-premise technology or move to the cloud.

  1. Would we be comfortable with mission-critical data in the cloud?
  2. Would we perform better in the cloud versus our on-premise solution?
  3. Does the cloud offer more capability and scalability than an on-premise solution?

The case for moving to the cloud

CAPTRUST was already a fan of Microsoft, having used the Microsoft stack extensively in their operations. However, they stepped back and evaluated Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Power BI, and other technologies. The evidence was in plain sight, clearly indicating that the Microsoft cloud infrastructure was solid, secure and would protect business and client data. They learned that Microsoft data centers utilize multiple redundancies to protect data, which is something CAPTRUST couldn’t afford to implement themselves with on-premise solutions.

3 compelling reasons CAPTRUST chose Microsoft Dynamics 365:


  1. Scalability: Financial services is evolving, and business technology must be scalable and dependable. CAPTRUST needed technology to support business operations through periods of tremendous growth and regulatory changes. This flexibility is necessary in a rapidly changing marketplace and will better support advisors as they provide client services and offer advice.
  2. Innovation: Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform with innovative applications and many options for more customized add-on solutions. This cloud-based platform is automatically upgraded behind the scenes with little to no business interruption. CAPTRUST wanted access to the latest innovations without distracting their IT team from other strategic tasks.
  3. Microsoft products: Like many other businesses, CAPTRUST relies on Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly connects to these solutions and offers even more productivity tools. Already comfortable with Microsoft technology, CAPTRUST was confident their users would readily adopt Dynamics 365 and be comfortable moving forward with this new technology.

The Bottom Line

When considering an on-premise upgrade or cloud deployment, you need to be confident that your technology will support your business today and remain aligned during growth or other changes due to the market or regulations. CAPTRUST made the right decision for their unique challenges and needs, but your firm has its own unique challenges, too.

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When you’re ready to evaluate solutions, contact our financial services experts.

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