New Reporting Requirements For Investment Companies

The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) is releasing new reporting requirements for investment companies and advisors.  These new rules are intended to create reports that are more informative to investors, as well as for the SEC to collect and use the data provided by investment companies.  Comply with these new requirements and get your reporting completed efficiently and accurately by replacing inadequate systems with stronger technology.

As indicated in “SEC proposes new reporting requirements for investment companies and advisors,” posted by Ken Kysiac on, the SEC is releasing new rules that require more informative reporting that would provide both the SEC and investors with more detailed, consistent information.  Here are a few of the proposed changes:

  • A new portfolio form called “Form N-PORT” and an annual reporting form called “Form N-CEN” would request information that is often found on census forms. Reported information will be in a structured data format.
  • Financial statements can now be disclosed by mutual funds and investment companies to their clients by client-accessible websites.
  • Investment adviser registration and reporting form, “Form ADV” would require additional information that could provide greater insight for the SEC to use when evaluating the risk profile of the individual advisers and the industry. In addition, advisers would be required to capture and maintain records of their performance calculations and other communications that are related to their performance.

Investment companies, advisers, and other wealth management consultants can capture data about their business, services, and clients with greater efficiency and accuracy by using a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  A single, integrated information is easier to learn and use than multiple specialty software, and your data can be quickly accessed whether it’s needed for making business decisions, responding to client inquiries, or preparing reports for the SEC or other regulatory agencies.  You can use a powerful ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, to manage financial processes, client portfolios, order entry, risk analysis, and other core business operations.  Built-in business intelligence and reporting features offer time-saving automations that you can use to prepare reports for your team, clients, or regulatory groups.

Get prepared for industry and regulatory changes by deploying a stronger business management solution.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about generating detailed, informative reports with ERP.

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