Do You Need A Brand Makeover?

Major brands including Uber, Instagram, and MasterCard have recently made some changes to their brand identity. Just because it seems like a trendy thing to do, doesn’t necessary mean that you also should refresh your image. If you are aren’t sure whether or not it’s time for a brand makeover, then consider a few these key points before investing in changes that may or may not pay off.

As discussed in “The Real Reasons Your Brand Might Need A Refresh,” posted by Goran Paunovic on, the question about whether or not to completely rebrand or refresh an image is rather common. Paunovic discusses many reasons to consider rebranding, such as:

  1. Refreshing an outdated design: Your business has changed, along with market conditions and customer needs. A refresh could be a strong step to remaining ahead of the competition.
  2. Demographics: Have you expanded your customer base? Make sure your brand messages are reaching the right people.
  3. Consistency: Aligning brands across multiple channels is critical to a strong marketing strategy and branding image. Digital and print brands must be consistent across all channels to improve the customer experience.

Technology Drives Brand Changes in the Right Direction

A total brand reset or refresh could be beneficial, especially if you find lead generation slowing, if you have expanded products and services, or if you are targeting a new demographic. However, before making big changes, make sure you are making the right ones.

Business intelligence features in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provide valuable insight that might send your branding and marketing strategy in a completely different direction.

Robust business management solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, centralize business data and provide role-tailored dashboards that highlight key metrics. You can monitor sales, market conditions and customer sentiments, then dive deeper into the data to see what’s really going on. Armed with this insight, you can confidently make data-driven decisions and fine-tune marketing messages and branding.

A brand refresh or reset could be beneficial, but make sure you put your time and efforts into the areas that will deliver results. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve your image and strengthen the customer experience.

By AKA Enterprise Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Partner for Media and Entertainment Companies

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