Mobile Ads Provide More Insight into Customers

A recent study revealed that mobile users downloaded over 350 billion apps to their mobile devices and spent more time on them than in previous years.  As such, advertisers spent more on mobile ad budgets and anticipate increasing them as this trend is predicted to continue.  While these trends may seem painfully predictable, here are several reasons behind them.

According to “Mobile Advertising Can Reach Customers On-The-Go,” posted by Jack Loechner on, modern mobile data can give us deeper insight into customers.  By getting to know customers better, advertisers can tailor ads to improve engagement and conversions.  Kenneth Harlan, co-founder and CEO of MobileFuse, prepared a white paper that was reported on Adotas, indicating that in 2014 mobile users spent 76% more time on their mobile devices than the year before and, as such, U.S. advertisers spent approximately 83% more on mobile ads.  Harlan also suggests these three reasons behind these mobile trends:

  1. Measuring data is evolving: Click-through rates were once the key indicator for determining mobile success.  Now tracking and understanding the level of engagement offers greater insight.  The ‘time spent’ interacting can include looking at a map, scanning products in a media ad, or other measurements indicating ad exposure.
  2. Video is evolving: Producing video used to be cost-prohibitive. Videos can now be made on much smaller budgets yet still engage the targeted audience.  Advertisers can expand into new channels, engaging more consumers with mobile services.  A report by Nielsen suggests that video ads are approximately four times more effective with driving purchase intent as compared with TV ads.
  3. Anywhere, anytime connections: Consumers aren’t bound by normal business hours and advertisers now have an opportunity to capture location and contextual-based data to enhance user profiles.  Marketers can develop more meaningful connections by considering environmental conditions when developing appropriate messaging.

Get to know your customers better by deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  You can use CRM to capture and analyze data about your customers, which you can then use to develop more meaningful marketing and advertising campaigns.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM to get to know your customers and engage them on their terms with greater success.

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