Are Millennials Making Cities Smarter?

Experts suggest that urbanization is expected to increase with nearly 85% of the population calling big cities their home.  Since the millennial generation appears to lead this movement toward city life, many municipalities may choose to prepare for an influx of citizens by investing in energy efficiency, public transportation, and open communications with citizens.

Millennials are flocking to cities in droves according to “The Smart City: Preparing for the Imminent Boom of Millennial Workers (Industry Perspective),” posted by Alphonzo Albright on  Experts suggest that approximately 37 mega cities with populations of over 10 million citizens could exist by 2050.  The influx can be good for the cities that are prepared; however, for the unprepared, a major population shift could exacerbate existing challenges with infrastructure, crime and gang violence, greenhouse gas emissions, and other symptoms commonly associated with urban blight.  On the other hand, the millennial generation can also offer new opportunities and play a larger role in the developing city.

Smart cities, those offering widespread internet connectivity and information communications technology, show improved ‘social cohesion and mobility’ which inspires collaboration and empowerment.  Technology is attractive to tech-savvy millennials and drives innovation in any industry sector.  This innovation can also increase the influence that a city has locally, regionally, and globally.

Public offices interested in growth and attracting millennials can start by replacing outdated technology with modern solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.  Both offer time-saving automations that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of common tasks.  Streamlining city services can save time and money while also improving the satisfaction of the citizens that depend on those services.  You can also use these solutions to improve communications with citizens, offer online self-service features, and make it easier for them to contact various city departments to request information or register a complaint.  Engage citizens online and on social networks to share important information, reminders, or answer questions.

Bridging the technology gap by replacing outdated legacy systems with today’s technology is necessary for smart municipal growth.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how to streamline operations, improve visibility and control over city services, and build a city of the future with modern technology.

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