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AKA’s annual customer conference, Vision was last week and opened with a discussion headed by Tom Feher, Industry Director with the Microsoft Business Group. Tom discussed Microsoft’s shift to a devices and services company, top technology trends and how to leverage them to meet business goals and Microsoft’s position in today’s technology market. Top trends are:

Mobility – Consumers use an average of 4 devices daily, the standard is now bring your own device and consumers expect to be able to access data from anywhere on their different devices.

Social – Social media platforms drive buying decisions and business applications need to have some form of social functionality.

Cloud – The Cloud is the new infrastructure and the majority of applications will be distributed/deployed by the cloud.

Big Data – Client insight and dimensional data drive most business decisions, therefore mobile apps need to integrate with analytics.

A recent Gartner study reports that, “CIO’s increasingly see technologies such as analytics/business intelligence, mobility, cloud and social in combination rather than isolation to address business priorities.”

Microsoft recognizes that everyone works off of multiple devices  daily and are delivering their applications across these devices. The countless new device  types and the connectivity of the cloud has changed the way we work and how we interact. As technology progresses and adapts to social platforms, we expect more personal and social connections with coworkers and customers. Businesses must embrace all of these trends together because they are highly interconnected. Microsoft is not just suggesting the adjustment,  they are actively following this industry forecast.  They have shifted their focus to devices and services and have made a clear investment in all 4 trends:


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