Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service: 5 Powerful Capabilities

In an earlier post, we discussed 9 Unconventional Uses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service.

That post discussed a few interesting and alternative ways of using field service, but in a little less traditional way.  Of course, you can use these features for conventional field service needs, too. In fact, it will go toe-to-toe with any field service management application on the market today—and it will be more cost effective.

So, let’s discuss how we can use these new field service capabilities within field service management.

5 Powerful Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service

1. Scheduling with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service

One of the most powerful features in the new Field Service module is Scheduling. An intuitive, visual, and flexible drag-and-drop schedule board lets users assign resources and set up schedules for people, places, and things. Anything can be described as a resource—a training room, office location, vehicle, doctor, nurse, dentist, customer, product, service—the list goes on. If you need to intelligently schedule anyone or anything for specific dates and times, this is a feature you definitely want to learn more about.

The Scheduling Assistant provides intelligent allocation of people, teams, and resources based on your business rules, defined by customer, organization, or regulatory requirements. Organize and find available resources by any number of categories, including skill sets, geography, customer preferences, and more. Color code based on any criteria you choose—for example, if the resource is in transit, in progress, or some other status.

The default color settings are:

  • Blue = scheduled
  • Purple = traveling
  • Dark purple = in progress
  • Orange = on break
  • Green = completed
  • Canceled = no color (removes the work order from the schedule board)


2. Mobile capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service

A very powerful and highly flexible mobile application and platform are included as part of Field Service. Built on the best mobile experience in CRM today, Resco Mobile CRM, it leverages the built-in features of each device, providing significant features that help you leverage the full power of smartphones and tablets:

Remote administration with no-code customization. When business needs change, quickly create new customizations—with no coding—and instantly update all mobile platforms. Centrally manage all users and devices, including remote data wipe for lost or stolen devices; and ping to see where those devices are at any given moment, or turn on tracking to see the travel history.

Native mobile apps provide a robust offline user experience. Leverage all device capabilities, including barcode scanners, RFID readers, credit card readers, and more—all from a device most users already own.

The mobile calendar view of work orders provides a simple view of what jobs need to be done and when. Calendar items are 1-touch linked to customer and case history, installed products, parts information, pricing, orders, invoicing. and more.

Using the built-in map feature of mobile devices, color coded pins quickly identify scheduled appointments, preventive maintenance schedules, existing customers, prospects, and anything else with a physical location. In addition to viewing records on a map, users can reduce travel time and expenses using turn-by-turn directions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Field Service Mobile

Significantly increase efficiency with the ability to capture all details in the field, online or offline. While in the field, users can reassign record time and activities. Improve revenue recognition with the ability to order or enter parts and materials used by barcode scanning. Perform and submit checklists, surveys, and inspections. Any paper-based form can be quickly and easily converted to a digital, mobile form.

When a job is complete, capture signatures, generate invoices or collect payment with credit card processing, or access marketing promotions for up-selling or cross-selling capabilities.

3. Automated Routing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service

Another powerful feature is automated scheduling and routing optimization. If you have geographically based assets and need to make multiple calls in the field, this feature maximizes the utilization of company resources, balancing multiple factors such as service level agreements, traffic, field agent location, skills, expertise, customer preferences, and other additional defined criteria. Get through your routes faster and more efficiently than ever before.




4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service’s Powerful Knowledge Base

The improved CRM knowledge base provides instant access to critical information, including product manuals, technical support documents, maintenance histories, repair notes, and nearly any type of document. Everything can be organized into the knowledge base and made searchable and available. Having field-based access to your knowledgebase provides:

  • Instant access and single location for all information repositories
  • Knowledge retention and sharing for improving the expertise level of field agents
  • Mobile, desktop, or portal access
  • Reduced training times
  • Improved field agent productivity

5. Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service

Need to keep track of and manage inventory? Whether it’s repair parts, office assets, vehicles, or anything else that needs to be tracked, poor inventory management is a drain on profitability and customer satisfaction. However, when it’s done right, it can be powerful advantage. Timely repairs by technicians with the right parts and fast, easy replacement build customer loyalty and referrals. Efficient management of refurbished products and parts and effective handling of RMAs can provide significant cost savings.

Inventory management lets you manage the inventory, updates, and stock history for any type of location—warehouses, offices, homes, depots, or trucks. CRM Spring 2016 Wave ImageInventory is accurate, and replenishment and purchasing can be done within the system or through integration with ERP systems. Truck stock is managed as part of the scheduling process, ensuring technicians have the right parts for every call.

Interested in learning more about this powerful new module?  Watch our complimentary webcast, Dynamics CRM 2016 Deep Dive – Delivering Top-notch Customer Experiences with Field Service, Scheduling, Work Orders and Resource Allocation. You can also contact us for a personal demonstration.

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