Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series: Introduction to Features and Costs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is on the market…and Dynamics users have a lot of questions. How is it different from Dynamics AX? Does it replace it? Is it better? What else does it include? And how much will it cost? This blog and webinar series will answer these questions and more, giving you the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your organization. Regardless of your industry, Dynamics 365 has so much to offer that you will be excited about moving onto this powerful platform. In this first blog, we provide an overview of Dynamics 365—what’s in it, how it’s sold, and how much it costs.

What exactly is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that includes both ERP, CRM, and more. Built using an app-centric architecture makes it very easy to buy only what you need and just as easily add functionality as your needs change. This makes Dynamics 365 flexible and cost-effective for just about any organization.

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It comes in two editions: Enterprise and Business:

The Enterprise Edition combines Dynamics CRM with Dynamics AX and includes other powerful features like PowerBI. It is recommended for companies with more than 250 users.

The Business Edition combines some of functionality in Dynamics CRM with the Financials functionality in Dynamics NAV. It is recommended for companies with fewer than 250 users.

How is Microsoft Dynamics Business Edition sold?

The most exciting thing about Dynamics 365 is that it incorporates both CRM and ERP into a single, cloud-based solution. The apps (functional areas) include Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service, Marketing, Financials, and Operations.

Dynamics 365 can also be customized with PowerApps or Flow, which come with the product.

PowerApps is a no-code way to configure apps yourself quickly and easily to help automate specific tasks. These apps are mobile-ready as well.

Flow is an actual workflow engine that works with all of the Dynamics 365 apps and with third-party apps. It is Microsoft’s version of IFTTT or Zapier.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost?

Like other robust software applications, the cost of a Dynamics 365 solution varies widely depending on the specific needs of the organization. There are also many bundling, transition, upgrade, and promotional prices. However, following are standard list prices. Talk to your Microsoft Partner about a specific estimate.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition – The price for Financials only is $40/user/month. The Business Edition Plan (coming soon) will cost $50/user/month and will include Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules, as well as a lighter version of Dynamics CRM Online.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition – Enterprise Edition is offered in two plans. Plan One includes Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service, Field Services, PowerApps, and Flow. It does not include Operations (ERP). The cost is $115 per month.

Plan Two, at $210 per month, includes all of the above, plus Operations.

Dynamics also features a light user license (Team license) for $10/user/month. This license enables mostly read-only with limited ability to create activities and notes.
Dynamics 365 can be extended with a very wide variety of apps to fit your specific needs. There is no need for extensive customizations. Just go to AppSource (Microsoft’s App Store) to research, evaluate, and purchase apps and extensions.

What else does Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer?

Because it is in the same suite of products, Dynamics 365 integrates smoothly with Microsoft Office 365. In addition, a new Outlook integration adds even more functionality.

We will be continuing our deep dive over the coming months, but we want to share our excitement about this revolutionary product with Dynamics users. You’ll see how much it has to offer, ready to help you digitally transform your business or organization.

To see Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action, attend our webcast, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series – Introducing a New Generation of Dynamics…and More, on January 18th.

Continue to follow our website for more blogs and webcasts in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series. Are you ready to talk about upgrading or moving to Dynamics 365? Get in touch with one of our Dynamics experts.

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