Hardware & Software Combating Congestive Heart Failure

Startup company, Endotronix, is fighting congestive heart failure (CHF) with a double-punch of hardware and software. This disease, affecting nearly 5.7 million Americans, costs billions in healthcare services, medication and lost productivity. Endotronix is developing a digital sensor to be worn by the patient and monitored by their physician to provide appropriate follow-up when needed, while avoiding repeated hospital admissions.

Technology offers a completely new approach to combating a debilitating and costly disease according to “Endotronix thinks digital health + sensor implant key to managing heart failure,” posted by Arundhati Parmar on MedCityNews.com. Cardiology teams can manage patients remotely by monitoring the data from the implantable device, taking a more proactive approach to patient health. By evaluating data and responding to deviations early, doctors can communicate potential treatments before congestive heart failure puts the patient back in the hospital. This is not only good for the patient, but good for the hospital. There are costly penalties for repeat admissions of heart failure patients within 30 days of initial discharge. The remote monitoring element of the Endotronix care management solution could also collect data from other home devices, such as blood pressure and heart rate monitors, so that the patient’s cardiology team has even more data to work with when planning treatments and taking other preventative measures.

Bring Your Product to Market Faster with ERP

Endotronix is gearing up for the institutional review board and plans to begin clinical trials upon approval. Endotronix and other medical device manufacturers creating these innovative devices need to capture, evaluate and share reliable data starting early and particularly throughout research and development. Data must be presented in a variety of ways for board and FDA approval and, later, in clinical trials. Spreadsheets aren’t an efficient or reliable way to manage the volume or types of data needed to get your product to the marketplace. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can capture data regarding manufacturing processes, provide traceability with materials used, and can also capture data during product testing and quality control.

Accurate data is essential when developing an innovative medical device and necessary when applying for the necessary approvals to release the product in the marketplace. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about managing medical device and other core business data within an innovative ERP solution.

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