Good Data and Good Timing Wins Customers

Understanding the psychology of customers at a given time offers insights that you can use to increase sales.  Demographics and interests can be very important when attracting customers, but timing and mobility will reach the right customers at the right time. Good customer data that includes multiple layers, based on current interests can be the difference between effective communications and misplaced efforts.

Businesses in nearly any industry sector strive to learn more about their customers.  Demographic analysis, interests and hobbies, product preferences, and other trends can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns that best attract new prospects and engage customers.  As discussed in “In Mobile Advertising, Timing Is Everything,” posted by Sunil Gupta on, customers can be many different things or have many different interests at any time and contextual information can provide a new level of insight that can further improve marketing and advertising efforts.

Customers out on the town on a weekend night, for example, that book a Uber ride may be more likely to respond to advertisements for restaurants, movie theaters, or other entertainment options.  In a completely different situation, someone stuck at the airport due to a flight delay may be interested in signing up for Netflix to pass the time.  While demographics are important toward narrowing down the focus on certain marketing campaigns, understanding contextual situations or unique moments in many people’s lives can present new ways to reach consumers.  The Red Roof Inn is capitalizing on this concept after realizing nearly 90,000 passengers are stranded in the U.S. daily due to flight cancellations.  Passengers are frustrated and of immediate concern is finding a place stay overnight.  The marketing team at Red Roof Inn discovered how to track flight delays, which triggers targeted marketing ads inviting stranded passengers to stay with them.  This campaign has increased bookings by 60% compared to other efforts.

Gain greater insight into your customer needs and interests with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  Get to know customers, engage them online, and use built-in business intelligence to identify trends that you can use to boost sales.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using CRM to find new ways to win customers.

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