Experiment With Digital Advertising Without The Blindfold

With digital advertising gaining momentum,  most businesses and advertisers are aware of how important digital ads are, yet few may be able to quantify realistic returns on investment.  Experimenting with digital ads is one thing, getting distracted by the latest digital gadget is another.  Save time and money by focusing in on what works, and what doesn’t, with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

As suggested in “Are Digital Advertisers Really Flying Blind?,” posted by Michael Essany on MobileMarketingWatch.com, marketers are planning to increase digital advertising, but aren’t sure about their strategies or return on investment.  A Forrester Research study of business-to-consumer marketers revealed that 43% of respondents are experimenting with digital marketing and aren’t sure which efforts are successful, or which aren’t.  It appears as though advertising budgets are fairly split between digital and traditional methods, with nearly 13% earmarked for digital, 14% for traditional, and 12% for response and direct marketing.  Testing so many different avenues may seem like a good idea; however, why blindly blanket the marketplace when you can gain a better vantage point with the support of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

If you’re still in the stage of testing, advertisers can use a CRM solution to measure and monitor both traditional and digital marketing campaigns.  You can gain a new vantage point into audiences and capture the interactions to gain insight into which efforts are working better than others.  Robust CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, offers time-saving automations that can streamline marketing and advertising efforts, as well as built-in business intelligence that you can use to leverage insight to your competitive advantage.  The data you capture can be used to fine-tune efforts, releasing more engaging campaigns, and increasing prospect and customer engagement.  Profiling audiences and learning how to engage audiences in the ways they prefer to be engaged with can lead to stronger sales and can also save money with advertising activities, whether you choose more traditional methods or digital.

Don’t waste time or money on marketing and advertising efforts until you can strategize a potential return on investment and have the means to measure your efforts.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM to experiment safely with digital and other advertising activities.

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