Contact Tracing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive or Complicated: Here’s One Solution for Small and Medium sized Organizations

Despite the move to go back to normal, we’re facing new challenges. We want to get back to work and our lives, but recent COVID-19 spikes remind us to be cautious–and that will still need to follow recommendations and take precautions to prevent further spread. As we move back into the workplace, we need processes and tools to keep everyone safe, but with as little impact as possible on their freedoms and their ability to do their jobs. One method that has been supported by the medical community since day one (and with all outbreaks) is contact tracing. Contact tracing is commonly regarded as one of the most effective ways to stay on top of new possible outbreaks.

What is contact tracing, and how does it help with outbreak containment?

Contact tracing is the tracing of individuals who might have been in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 (or other contagious disease). When a person is diagnosed or reports symptoms, the faster we can identify who the person has been in contact with in the past few days, the more likely we are to take those people out of circulation until they can be tested and cleared. AKA Contact Tracing ReportThe ability to do effective contact tracing in the workplace is and will continue to play a fundamentally critical role in reopening the economy and enabling safe resumption of business and/or operations.
But how do businesses implement this process? While very large businesses have the money and resources to design, build, and implement their own contact tracing procedures and tools, this is a luxury most small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford.
But the need for these businesses is just as relevant as it is for larger organizations. In fact, an outbreak or other occurrence arguably can do much more immediate damage to a smaller business; therefore, they need a fast, efficient, cost-effective way to get contact tracing in place.

Contact tracing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

A reliable contact tracing solution does not have to be expensive or complicated to implement or support. In fact, AKA Enterprise Solutions has developed Safe Workplace, a contact tracing accelerator that any business can have up and running in no time. Built using Microsoft Power Apps Safe Workplace is easy to set up and use. It enables organizations to quickly begin tracking the location of anyone—including employees and visitors or other non-employees—while they are physically on company property. If a diagnosis or suspected illness is reported, the HR department can quickly see accurate tracing of all locations visited by the individual in question and take action to proactively address and manage the situation.

Safe Workplace has everything organizations need for responsible contact tracing:

  • Organizations can configure locations and zones within each office/site, so employees can easily report their presence at a specific location.
  • Employees can easily report their whereabouts, selecting the zone they’re currently in at any point in time, as well as their movements across different zones while on company premises.
  • HR-designated team members can track visitors’ locations while on company premises and capture basic information about them and their health for reporting purposes.
  • Both employees and visitors (assisted by an HR-designated team member) can complete required health surveys indicating their current health condition and report health changes as they occur.
  • Organizations can protect personal privacy by allowing only HR team members to inquire into or report on information about employee and visitors’ presence data, interactions, or location/contact tracing data.

Getting your organization back up and running might seem daunting because you have the health and safety of your employees and visitors in your hands. Make the transition safer with a contact tracing solution that is easy for everyone to use.

Read more about the Safe Workplace Contact Tracing. Then contact AKA to discuss how we can help your organization get back into the office.

To see Safe Workplace in action, watch this series of demo videos:

For Employees:

For Coordinators:

For Human Resources Administrators:

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