Channeling YouTube’s Success With Powerful BI Tools

YouTube has grown from a chaotic source for videos that range from cooking shows, to cute kitty videos, to sporting events and even news.  The creation of multichannel networks (MCNs) has tamed a bit of the chaos by organizing random videos into an almost traditional programming environment and many advertisers and businesses want to get in on the action.

As discussed in “Hollywood’s Big-Money YouTube Hit Factory,” posted by Felix Gillette on, former childhood actor, Brian Robbins, saw the potential in YouTube and launched his own YouTube channel called AwesomenessTV.  Robbins offered short videos with topics ranging from beauty tips to mini-reality shows about cheerleaders and within a short time, AwesomenessTV was ranked within YouTube’s top channels.  Soon after that, Robbins’ boutique production house turned into a teen entertainment factory with venture capitalists routinely making investment offers.  Robbins sold AwesomenessTV to DreamWorks Animation with nearly 88,000 channels and 54 million subscribers collectively generating nearly 1 billion monthly video views.

According to estimates from EMarketer, nearly 1 billion people visit YouTube and consume approximately 6 billion hours of video every month.  About 100 hours of programming are added to YouTube each minute.  These estimates highlight the powerful popularity of this platform and there is little wonder as to why advertisers and businesses are searching for ways to get in front of all of these people.

YouTube is clearly a powerhouse; however, you likely use other channels when marketing your business.  As you pursue multi-channel marketing campaigns, be sure to capture the results of your efforts within a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  Media and entertainment businesses can profile audiences, strengthen business relationships, and provide consistent, superior customer service with the support of an integrated CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  You can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage the often complex relationships with advertisers, content licensees, and content providers.  You can also use the powerful business intelligence features to learn more about your customers’ needs and wants, then optimize up-selling and cross-selling across other channels.

Gain greater insight and control over marketing efforts and customer demands with a robust CRM solution.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using CRM to identify and capitalize on marketing and advertising trends.

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