Americans Don’t Trust Government, Give High Marks On Safety Rules

It appears as though the government has not quite earned the trust of Americans after the last recession, however, it did earn high marks for safety issues like food and medicine as well as natural disaster response.  There is an interesting disparity between what the government does well and what can be done better.

Findings by a Pew Research Center study are discussed in “Voters distrust government in general, but like many specifics, poll finds,” posted by David Lauter on, and indicate there is still a trust issue between citizens and the government.  According to the poll, approximately six of 10 respondents are ‘frustrated’ by the government and about one of five are actually ‘angry’ with the government.  Only one in five respondents trust the government to do the right thing most of the time, however, many did not have a high opinion regarding the honesty of the elected officials.

Ironically, even with these negative views, several ‘large majorities’ have a favorable view about certain government activities.  For example, three of four respondents indicated that the government does a ‘good job’ on the issues that are important for bipartisan majorities, such as improving the safety of food and medicine and the response to natural disasters.  The Postal Service gets a positive ranking and so does the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and the Social Security Administration.  On the other hand, the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Veterans Affairs are viewed negatively by over half of the respondents.

The path toward improving trust and earning high marks for citizen and community services could very well start with technology.  The inefficient, disparate software systems used in many government offices make it difficult to access data and respond quickly to citizen needs.  Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions put the data needed at your fingertips, improving responsiveness.  In addition, time-saving automations can improve consistency, ensuring citizen requests are responded to appropriately.  Built-in business intelligence and reporting features streamline the reporting process and can provide the transparency that citizens expect.

Replacing outdated systems with today’s ERP and CRM solutions is one powerful way to build trust while improving internal operations.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about the solutions being used in other public offices today.

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