6 Reasons We’re Excited About the Microsoft Business Applications Summit (and Why You Should Be, too)

On July 22, AKA will be sending a team to participate in the first-ever Microsoft Business Applications Summit—and we’re pretty excited about it. In an era where time is at a premium and we’re all up to our ears in conferences, trade shows, and seminars (and that’s not including all the online events going on at any given moment), why are several of us trekking from New York (and other locations) to Seattle for three days?

The answer is simple: For anyone involved with the Microsoft platform (Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, and more), this is going to be 72 hours packed with opportunities you rarely find in one place. If your organization uses all or part of the Microsoft business platform, we hope you’re coming, too. If you haven’t decided yet (and yes, there is still time), here are X reasons why you should attend:

Reason #1: Behold the power of Microsoft as a platform

This is, in our opinion, the most compelling reason to attend. Microsoft has succeeded in building a true business platform, not just a laundry list of applications and tools. With Azure and the Common Data Service as the foundation and supported by tools like Flow and PowerApps, the applications become exponentially more powerful as they are able to work together in a truly seamless fashion. The Summit will give us all an opportunity to see the true potential of the platform and to see it in action.

Reason #2: Everything you loved and miss about Convergence…and more

It’s baaaaaack…Did you ever attend Convergence? If so, you probably miss it. There is nothing like having the opportunity to spend three days completely immersed in the Microsoft business platform alongside other users and Microsoft experts.

Reason #3: Seattle location = Access to 300+ Microsoft experts

The perfect location for an event focused on Microsoft is in Microsoft’s back yard. With the Summit in Seattle,  https://www.wscc.com/ we get access to even more expert Microsoft resources, which means we get even that much more value out of the even.  

Reason #4: 230 sessions…all dedicated to the Microsoft business platform

Microsoft promotes the event as “all things Dynamics 365, Power BI, Excel, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow under one roof.” With 230 sessions to choose from, there is something for everyone. We also like the fact that there is a nice mixture of immersive sessions, workshops, and panels. The Agenda page is set up to make it easy to search by topic, product, level, and even job focus.

Reason #5: Learn from the experience of your fellow users

The event is being attended by thousands of users as well as Microsoft employees and partners. There is arguably no better way to learn and get your questions answered than by talking to someone in your shoes. Use this opportunity to make connections with your fellow users so you can share and learn from each others’ experiences and insights.

Reason #6: Something for everyone

The Summit isn’t just for technical people. Sessions are geared towards several audiences, including:

  • Analysts, power users, and data scientists at all levels who want to build on their skills
  • Business users looking for a better understanding of the platforms, data, and applications—knowledge they can start putting to use right away to start transforming their organizations
  • IT professionals challenged with security, compliance, and the responsibility of managing the backbone of their organization
  • Developers who are responsible for moving the needle through innovation

If you’re in any way involved with the Microsoft platform, don’t miss this event. If you’re already signed up, we’d like to meet you. Contact Pam Modrich to set up some time to talk. If you haven’t signed up, do it now…and let us know you’re coming!

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