3 Tips to Strengthen Mobile and Social Marketing Campaigns

Consumers aren’t the only ones increasingly relying on mobile devices and social platforms; marketers are too. Even with the support of digital advertising tools, it’s difficult to measure impact on sales with reliable accuracy. To truly understand attribution, or what drives the action of a prospect or customer in response to marketing messages, marketers can use these 3 things to strengthen mobile and social marketing campaigns.

What Makes a Customer Click?

Ask your sales reps what they think drives a customer to place an order and you’ll likely get a different answer from each of them. Add your marketing team into the mix and you’ll get a new variety of insight and suggestions. If only it was that easy to know how to get a customer to order!

But it’s not that easy. As discussed in “Using Social Media to Drive In-Store Purchases: The New Frontier,” posted by Ben Legg on Business.com, understanding which ads, on which platforms, have a direct impact on immediate and future sales is complicated. Although modern management systems like customer relationship management (CRM) will certainly help, you need to know what data to capture and track beyond the individual customer’s purchases.

3 Data Points You Need

Connecting all the dots to understand customer behavior requires more information than you may think. Here are three sources of data that will provide even more insights into mobile and social marketing efforts.

  1. Engagement tracking: Identify which ads a customer saw or any other interactions before they placed an order. Include other potential touch points, such as contact with a call center or visits to a brick-and-mortar store. The evolution of digital ad technology, as well as the connections to your order pages, will continue to make this connection a little easier to identify.
  2. Purchase identification: All purchases should, ideally, be linked to an individual, whether online or in store. Membership cards, for example, make it easy to link purchases to a person’s address, email or other identifier. Mobile wallets or credit cards also create a digital trail to capture and follow.
  3. Attribution analytics: As you capture these and other metrics, you begin the process of connecting the dots between a marketing campaign, customer and their purchase. That’s a lot of data to process and analyze. Choose the metrics that focus on the individual customer, then use the insights you identify to develop more meaningful, engaging campaigns that boost sales.

Boost Customer Engagement, Clicks and Sales with CRM

A CRM solution with business intelligence and advanced analytics can turn volumes of data into actionable insight and empower you to:

  • Profile audiences with greater efficiency and accuracy by using actual customer data
  • Establish relationships between advertisers, content licensees and providers, audiences and others
  • Manage distribution relationships as well as multi-channel, cross-channel advertising campaigns
  • Streamline processes that support ad sales, audience requests and call-ins

Media and entertainment companies can take CRM to a new level with a specialized industry solution like DynamicsADvantage. This solution offers additional capabilities that support sales automation, opportunity and sales forecasting, and advertising and agency relationship management. You can track the entire ad process from lead to order. Then use advanced analytics to identify trends and continue to fine-tune the process.

There is a variety of data, in both type and volume, media companies need to capture and you can’t do it by hand. This isn’t the place for gut feelings or anecdotal evidence. To really know what makes a customer click, you need to take full advantage of what modern business technology offers.

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