Explore Microsoft Power BI Dashboard in Just 1 Hour!

If your current method for visualizing data (Excel spreadsheets, multiple sources) is not giving you data that you can use, or if it’s taking you days to create a simple report, it’s time to look at Microsoft Power BI. Power BI (PBI) is a data visualization and dashboard reporting tool that helps you stay up to date with information that matters.

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Stretching Government Budgets: 6 Ways You Can Get More from Every Dollar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Having deep pockets and money to burn is not exactly something the public sector is known for. Usually you find the opposite…budgets are tight, and employees are accustomed to engaging in every means possible to stretch every last penny. On top of that pressure, most government agencies are scrutinized by public watch groups, so transparency is essential in showing both accountability and fiscal responsibility. At the local, state or federal governments levels, financial management can get complicated.

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The Case for Financial Management & ERP in the Cloud: A Guide for Skeptics and Advocates

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