Do you know where grant dollars are going–
and getting the most out of them?
Do you know where grant dollars are going – and getting the most out of them? Greg Inks
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Grant Management software solutions: Use grant dollars responsibly

Grants are a key function of many non-profit organizations, and are often the primary source of funds for programs. But the process of tracking grants can be challenging–and you risk losing those grants if you are not able to show where the money is going.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Grant Management, built with the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can track and report on grant funding, complying with requirements from the local to Federal level, such as single audits (OMB A-133).

For grantors and grantees: Ease the complexities of grant management

  • Manage and phase out funds for a grant after it has been awarded, including administering and monitoring payments and deliverables over multiple years
  • Increase transparency and enhance communication by publishing information to grant applicants and other stakeholders
  • Track, report, and communicate grant fundraising reports
  • View interactive budgets for every year of a project. Create “budget revisions” and “budget carryover” when adjustments are required. Post transactions against the budget as they occur
  • Easy to use, multi-level interface tracks all work in the same system enabling key users to modify budgets or change objectives
  • Secure and complete tracking of multiple funders, grants and sub-awards
  • Enhance the efficiency of budget management, with all grantee and sub-recipient drawdowns, disbursements and reimbursements tracked and reported in a consistent, centralized way
  • Utilize custom metrics and objectives that best suit your needs, and share progress with others, using compelling visual dashboards

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