Are you confident in your supply chain
stability and financial responsibility?
Are you confident in your supply chain stability and financial responsibility? Jack Ades
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Financial & Supply Chain management software solutions for Non-Profits

Like other businesses, non-profits face challenges like inconsistent funding and tight budgets. But they also deal with ever-shifting supply chains, lack of technology and drastically changing economic and political conditions.  Non-profits need to optimize their financial and supply chain management within tight budgets and with limited resources—and AKA can help.

Streamline the entire supply chain…from procurement to reporting

Built with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Financial & Supply Chain Management bring these two functions together into a single system, enabling your non-profit to increase efficiency while maintain quality and ensuring compliance. By transforming and automating processes and workflows, your organization can:

Accelerate Effectiveness. Improve decision making across the organization—regardless of where you operate—through a single source of truth for data

Increase Responsiveness and Scale. Make decisions faster and more responsively; improve program planning and budgeting

Enhance Speed and Timeliness. Get the right goods at the right time and respond faster in a crisis by reducing time to process procurements and other transactions

Make Best Use of Resources. By reducing manual processes, you can better utilize limited resources, focusing them on where they can do the most good

Support Research & Development. Centralized data helps with research and development efforts

Operate responsibly with comprehensive financial management

With funds often coming from multiple sources your financial management must be secure and capable. Your board of directors has a duty to ensure the organization’s assets are used in accordance with donors’ intent and in support of your mission—which requires transparent reporting. DynamicsAdvantage solutions provide you with the tools you need to:

  • Manage funds, grants, and donations in an integrated, secure, cloud application
  • Generate transparent reports in multiple formats
  • Set and monitor budget goals
  • Set security rules and use role-based permissions
  • Monitor audit trails to document the “who, what, when, and why” of transactions

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