Is outdated technology impacting
your client relationships?
Is outdated technology impacting your client relationships? Anthony Martin
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Software solutions for Ad Sales Financial Management: Streamline processes and improve the customer experience

The proliferation of digital media has brought countless complexities to the media supply chain. For companies operating in the media and entertainment space, these new content and delivery channels create significant challenges around resource and asset management. If your organization has outdated, inflexible or even just disparate business management systems, you may find yourselves struggling. Common symptoms of these issues include problems with orders and billing, negative impact on client relationships, challenges adapting to new ways of doing business, and eroding operating margins.

A new way to stay successful

To remain competitive, media companies need to look for ways to take advantage of economies of scale while preserving their ability to differentiate themselves through innovative new products and services. Business management systems that are optimized for creation, delivery, and management of digital content are critical to improving collaboration and efficiency, gaining visibility, and meeting customers’ expectations.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Ad Sales Financial Management enable your organization to consolidate all of your billing and financial reporting requirements into a single, flexible platform, able to process all media offerings:

  • Streamline ad billing processes and automatically integrate actuals/fulfillment data through the use of integration services with major players in the ad serving for the online, broadcast, and print platforms
  • Automate revenue forecasting and revenue recognition procedures with direct links to your financial platform
  • Fully support the insertion order-to-cash cycle, taking advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics Solutions suite to support all elements on the ad sales process
  • Perform ad billing and independent revenue recognition for linear and non-linear media products
  • Track advertiser/agency relationships in A/R
  • Manage campaigns with automatic adjustments and integrations to production servers and traffic systems
  • Bundle print, online, broadcast, licensing, and subscription services into a single campaign and invoice, but handling revenue separately for each media brand
  • Handle prepaid campaigns and properly allocate and post prepaid amounts
  • Manage resources more effectively
  • Create, manage, and deliver content on time and on budget
  • Foster better relationships

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