Aastha-Srivastava AKA Enterprise Solutions Is an aging system hindering
your legal proceedings?
Is an aging system hindering your legal proceedings? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Law: Streamline processes and reduce risk

Agencies dealing with legal cases focus on resolution as expediently as possible.  Antiquated legal case management systems hinder workflows, often causing duplication of effort, difficulty with tasks like scheduling, and issues with reporting. Ultimately, you not only become less effective; you also expose your office to unnecessary risk.

Fast, efficient and seamless control

You need a robust, accurate, and auditable case management solution to perform duties accurately and with adherence to regulatory oversight. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solution for Legal Case Management (OCG/OIG) is an end-to-end process for responding to, reporting on, and investigating legal cases.

Legal Case Management includes contact management, seamless email and calendaring integration, and robust document storage and management. With Dynamics 365 at its core, it can also provide complete integration to other critical Microsoft products, including Outlook, Word, and SharePoint. Users can work from a browser, from within Outlook, or on a mobile device. It includes the following features:

  • Case type, sub-type, pre-action, case stage, case log, and case activity tracking
  • Case disbursements, expenses, time tracking, payment log, interested parties
  • Deadline, assignment, task, date, alert, and notification creation
  • Case life cycle management through workflows
  • Mail merge with legal forms, letters, and templates
  • Global search for keywords across all data types
  • Integration to other applications
  • Multiple legal entity tracking
  • Web link insertion into federal or state court electronic case records
  • Docket management, including ability to track all filings on the case
  • Ability to store related documents on Sharepoint and link them to the appropriate docket
  • Document versioning

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