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Are you sure you’re delivering services as promised? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Youth & Community Development: Pave the way to better outcomes

Government departments that provide funding to community-based organizations (CBOs) for youth and family programming must be able to monitor, analyze, and report on progress and outcomes. Likewise, CBOs need to effectively engage the community through outreach, encourage participation, coordinate with external providers, and ensure the success of participants.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Youth & Community Development support the goals of government departments and CBOs. It gives them the tools, automation, and access to data they need. The result: programs provide services more effectively and produce better outcomes—and funding authorities get the information they need to support these programs.

For community-based organizations: Improved delivery of programs and services

Built with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Youth & Community Development lets you centralize data with a single point of entry and automates critical activities. This gives your organization access to the tools and information you need to capture participant information, track the life cycle of engagement, and analyze metrics to identify opportunities for improvement. Plus, better communication through social engagement, mobile apps, and a participant portal increase the ability to reach more potential participants and increase service quality. The result is participant satisfaction and better outcomes.

For government departments: Robust monitoring and reporting capabilities

Youth & Community Development helps your agency support your providers while forwarding critical data up the chain to ensure continued funding. Overseeing, auditing, and reporting to state and federal grant funding providers is more efficient, ensuring consistency and quality of services, outcomes, and overall performance:

  • Easier monitoring and evaluating CBO performance
  • Real-time tracking of services and outcomes
  • More efficient site visits and evaluations/audits

Youth & Community Development also provides your users with the ability to use mobile devices to perform site inspections and capture survey data on site and in real time.

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