Are you sure your workforce
is meeting immunization requirements?
Are you sure your workforce is meeting immunization requirements? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for Workforce Immunizations: Ensure accurate, streamlined tracking processes

As we become a more global community, the ability for governments, medical facilities, and other public agencies and organizations to mitigate health and safety risks has become even more imperative.

Anyone who works in these facilities must meet certain requirements, including immunizations. It is crucial to accurately track immunization records and stay up to date with continuing education and certifications to avoid the spread of preventable illnesses. However, without the right technology solution, this process can be extremely chalokaylenging.

Achieve compliance with confidence

Your organization can remain confidently compliant with AKA’s efficient, secure Employee Immunization Tracking solutions. Built with the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions enable you to:

  • Create surveys that allow for configurable data gathering depending on disease/immunization
  • Secure sensitive information on a record and individual field level
  • Track critical information about jobs, continuing education, certifications, and allergies
  • Easily track completion survey information and use workflow and dashboards to ensure information is updated regularly
  • Track immunization history to ensure employees are up to date
  • Use role based forms and security to limit access to appropriate staff
  • Customize by adding optional immunizations and medical conditions
  • Easily create email and letter templates that can include live data – informing your employees with the applicable and accurate information

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