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Software solutions for Health and Human Services: Prevent, predict, alleviate

Health and Human Services (HHS) organizations have a responsibility to the people they serve. Not only is it your job to help alleviate problems, but also to prevent and even predict them before they become occur. This requires coordination among agencies and providers and access to critical information—both of which are challenging with limited resources and funds.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Health and Human Services harness the power of the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help improve your ability to assess, plan, and deliver services through the coordination of information across the multiple entities involved with intake assessment, eligibility, scheduling, planning, outreach, and performance measuring. Through the centralization of data and automation of activities, everyone has easier and quicker access to the information they need to improve client experience and overall quality of services, as well as the ability to keep grants and other critical funding in place.

Human Services
Increase the effectiveness of programs through centralization of data and automation of processes.

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Health Department
Improve your citizens’ health care through the coordination of information across the multiple entities involved.

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White Paper: Bridging the Gaps in the Health & Human Services (HHS) Network of Care
In this white paper, learn how case management solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you coordinate care more effectively.
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Case Study

How a Health Department Serving 1M+ Prevents Epidemics and the Spread of Disease

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