You serve the people – but are
you meeting their needs?
You serve the people – but are you meeting their needs? Michael Perez
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Software solutions for Government: Provide excellent service and stay on budget

Whether you are a government office or agency, you face growing demands to provide expanded, high quality services and improved outcomes to ensure continued funding.

The people you serve require greater efficiency and accountability. You must contend with many factors, from managing cases to increasing operational requirements—with tight budgets and systems that don’t help your people do their jobs better.

To meet these challenges, your business systems need to be straightforward to use, yet improve efficiency while cutting costs – and that’s where we can help.

Government solutions – your helping hand

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for state, local, and federal government, built with Microsoft Dynamics 365, address all aspects of your organization and the agencies, partners, and people you work with.

An integrated relationship management (CRM), financial, and operations (ERP) system can provide real-time financial data, increased productivity and the ability to adapt to changing legislative and administrative requirements that help you tailor and accelerate your delivery of services to constituents, with increased accountability. Read more about our solutions for Government.

We offer solutions for:

Health & Human Services
Protect your citizens by improving your ability to assess, plan, and deliver services through better coordination

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Citizen Services
Improve productivity and work within tight budgets while satisfying the needs and demands of your citizens

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Improve your ability to respond to, report on, and investigate legal cases

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Finance & Human Capital Management
Integrated solutions to help with every aspect of operations, from the budget planning and control to the hire-to-retire process

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Meet Some of Our Government Experts
Meet the experts at AKA who are experienced in working with state, local, and federal governments to build effective solutions

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Information Technology (OIT)
Take advantage of opportunities only the Cloud can provide

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The Microsoft Power Platform: Getting you exactly what you need to better serve

A solution packed with features ultimately isn’t enough for your challenges; you need technology to support those unique, all-important processes. The Microsoft Power Platform includes tools–Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow)–that give everyone–not just programmers–easier access to business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity. The Power Platform extends Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 but also integrates with nearly any  application or system, including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, or point solution. It helps you to easily build business apps and extend or customize the software solutions you use—in days, not months.

Discover what the Power Platform can do for your agency with an AKA Proof of Concept engagement

A proof of concept is an easy, low-risk option that lets you see what the Power Platform can do for your agency. In a 5- to 10-day engagement, we work with you to re-imagine your goal or challenge. The PoC engagement doesn’t just stimulate ideation. It gives you deliverables that demonstrate the value you can expect with a Power Platform project. Learn more about AKA’s Proof of Concept offering.

Ready to pave the way to innovation?

Whatever you’re ready for, we have the people, experience and solutions to make it happen.

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