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Cloud-based Hedge Fund solutions: Manage your relationships, pipelines, and assets proactively

There are many demands on today’s hedge funds. Pressure from investors and regulators are at an all-time high. Transparency is critical, and there are complex reporting and compliance requirements. What if you could have a complete solution for managing client relationships?

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 (formerly AX and CRM), AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Hedge Funds capitalizes on the power of Client Relationship Management  to make it easier for you to manage and track investor communications, proactively manage your sales pipelines, strengthen even the most complex client relationships, and ensure you are on top of capital movements.

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By streamlining processes in a single solution, you are free to focus on raising more assets and retaining them, attracting clients and keeping them loyal with white-glove service and performance—all while meeting compliance and reporting requirements.

Unlike point solutions, AKA Hedge Fund solutions are backed by the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365. This ensures your solution will remain state-of-the-art, with the full backing and protection of the Cloud experts at AKA and Microsoft.

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How Large Hedge Fund Streamlined Processes & Created Greater Value for Clients