Are you attracting and
keeping the right clients?
Are you attracting and keeping the right clients? Mr. John Smith
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Cloud-based solutions for Investment Banking Advisory: Build profitable relationships while lowering costs

The world has shifted for investment banking. Raising capital has become commoditized, requiring bankers to come up with innovative ways to combat cost pressures and drive more equity and advisory business. In addition, a new breed of investor—and workforce—is demanding self-service and other options for interacting. Firms must invest in technologies that support critical goals now and in the future.

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM), AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Investment Banking Advisory provides you with a platform for digital transformation…giving you the tools you need to build profitable relationships and provide unsurpassed client service while simplifying processes and cutting costs.

Attract and retain profitable client relationships 

To be competitive, banks must be very good at attracting the right clients and keeping those relationships healthy and profitable. AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Investment Banking Advisory provides you with the tools you need to better manage client opportunities and relationships while helping your sales and research teams deepen and tap into your reservoir of client knowledge:

  • The ability to track complex relationships from your perspective as well as your clients’ and third parties, across regions and products, to avoid duplication of effort and communication
  • Leveraging Dynamics 365’s integration with LinkedIn and other solutions like RelSci to easily learn who knows who within the firm, along with the strength of relationship, to get the most effective client introduction
  • Pipeline and deal flow management to manage and track even the most sophisticated deal structures and ensure they run smoothly, from making the match to closing
  • Effective event and roadshow planning to be sure you are spending time efficiently and with the right clients—and tracking all client interactions along the way—which improves outcomes and helps keep costs down
  • Providing top-notch client service through access to timely intelligence to meet increasing expectations and drive profitability
  • Having consistent, built-in processes for account planning for large, global clients to provide a single client view and powerful insights by division, region, and product

Improve efficiencies to drive cost savings

Attracting and building client relationships is only half the equation. Firms must also capitalize on every opportunity to improve efficiencies with the goal of driving cost savings while reducing risk:

  • Effective meeting management, including distribution of critical meeting notes so the coverage team can take the right actions in a timely manner
  • Understanding of wallet share and deal profitability—even in the most complex entity structures and with multiple platforms and products—by connecting back office systems to CRM and
    surfacing the critical information needed to drive results
  • Keeping up with constantly changing regulations to ensure compliance requirements are met and security of data is ensured without impacting the firm’s ability to access and analyze critical data
  • Automated and transparent client and product onboarding with alerts and exception handling to facilitate reduced time to value

The Microsoft Power Platform: Getting you exactly what your firm needs

A solution packed with features ultimately isn’t enough; you need technology to support the processes that are unique to your business. The Microsoft Power Platform includes tools–Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow)–that give everyone in your firm–not just programmers–easier access to business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity. Best of all, the Power Platform extends Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 but also integrates with nearly any business application or system, including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, or financial services point solutions. It enables you to easily build business apps and extend or customize the software solutions you use—in days, not months.

See what the Power Platform can do for your firm with an AKA Proof of Concept engagement

A proof of concept is surprisingly simple, low-risk option that allows you to see what the Power Platform can do for your firm. In a 5- to 10-day engagement, we work with your team to re-imagine your goal or challenge. The PoC engagement doesn’t just stimulate ideation, it also provides deliverables that demonstrate the value you can expect when you go forward with a Power Platform project. Learn more about AKA’s Proof of Concept offering.

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