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of serving your customers?
Are your processes getting in the way of serving your customers? Mr. John Smith
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Software solutions for field service: Ensure brand loyalty, increase revenue

Organizations that provide customers with on-site services need a solution to address a number of challenges, from getting the right resource to the right job on time and meeting SLAs to ensuring vehicles are properly equipped and increasing the number of appointments a technician can complete in a week.

While a solution should check all the boxes in terms of addressing the “reactive” issues you face, what’s truly going to set your organization apart is choosing a solution that enables you to be proactive and predictive.

Your field service technology solution must have the ability to enable you to deliver a seamless, end-to-end service experience to your customers as well as your employees, taking advantage of built-in intelligence like AI and IoT to identify issues before they occur—reducing operational costs and creating raving fans. But you also need to position your organization for the future.

AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage: Drive measureable business outcomes today, build a foundation for the future

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Field Service is a true, end-to-end solution that empowers organizations to move from being reactive to providing proactive or predictive field service and to embrace new business models, such as outcome-based service or “anything-as-a-service.”

DynamicsAdvantage drives significant cost savings and tangible business benefits, such as these findings from a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examining the potential ROI of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Field teams reduced hours billed for repair and maintenance work orders by up to 60%
  • Organizations eliminated field dispatch for over 10% of total work orders
  • Field workers slashed time driving to work sites by 50%
  • Call center agents reduced service calls by 20%

DynamicsAdvantage has the functionality you need to tackle field service challenges and be proactive, but its flexibility and a foundation of the Microsoft cloud allows you to get the solution that fits your needs now and expand it when you’re ready. Here’s how you can benefit:

Increase operational efficiency. With insight gained from built-in AI and IoT, you can proactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues—before customers are even aware of them—reducing or eliminating customer distress and ensuring technicians are dispatched only when necessary. You can also replace scheduled maintenance plans with just-in-time predictive maintenance, requiring repair, cleaning, and replacement of parts only when necessary.

Optimize resources. With predictive intelligence and automation, you can streamline scheduling and routing and update details in real time on mobile devices, ensuring you get the right technician to the job on time, with the right inventory and the information they need to do the job, improving resolution time as well as profitability.

Create happy customers. Customers benefit not only from increased efficiencies and optimized resources on your end, but also from self-service portals, proactive updates, and increased transparency (technician tracking and sharing of quote, contract, and scheduling information).

Get exactly what you need now—with the ability to grow and expand when the time is right. With Microsoft Dynamics at its foundation, DynamicsAdvantage can be deployed in a way that best fits your needs time—and you can switch when the need arises:

  • As a stand-alone field service application, DynamicsAdvantage reduces time to value and doesn’t require you to change your ERP system.
  • As an end-to-end solution, DynamicsAdvantage delivers a fully connected field service experience. It touches both front and back office functions and everything in between, impacting the entire service life cycle, from sales and contracts to deployment and ongoing service/maintenance to invoicing and business intelligence. And there’s no need to integrate with third-party applications because everything you need is already there.

Look to the experts to go outside the traditional field service box

AKA brings more than software to the table. Our Field Service team has expertise in Microsoft and other technologies, as well as years of actual business experience managing field service organizations. They understand how field service works, its challenges, and how to make it better, which gives them the ability to innovate, building solutions that fit the exact needs of our customers, rather than relying on our customers to design their own solutions.

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