How do you ensure you’re
getting the right solution?
How do you ensure you’re getting the right solution? Mr. John Smith
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Imagine what true transformation could do for your organization

Technology solutions need to do more than fix a problem. They need to be transformative. Breaking into new markets. Capturing new opportunities. Excelling at customer or client service. Regardless of your vision, building a solution with that capability requires not only technical expertise, but also a deep knowledge of your industry—its unique requirements, challenges, and customer demands.

At AKA, we have industry practices staffed with professionals who understand your industry and can capitalize on the Cloud and today’s powerful technologies to deliver a solution that will meet your needs better than any point solution ever could.

Our industry practices include Government, Financial Services, Non-Profit, and Media & Entertainment. Each practice has successfully collaborated with leaders in their respective markets to achieve transformation.

Name your goals…we can help

Are you in another industry searching for a partner that can help you reach your goals? We understand that every organization is unique. For 20 years, we have been successfully empowering our clients to innovate, working with organizations across industries both in the public and private sector. Regardless of your industry, we focus on solving your problems and helping you realize your vision through deep technical and business expertise, proven methodologies, and a culture dedicated to collaboration on shared goals.

Financial Services
From Asset Management to Capital Markets, prepare your firm to enter new lines of business and provide excellent client service

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For state, local, or the federal government, address the needs of your citizens while managing tight budgets

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Manage the entire case lifecycle more efficiently while meeting your service goals and controlling your budget

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Multi-Entity Financial Management
Automate and streamline the setup and management of multiple legal entities, regardless of complexity

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Field Service
Revolutionize the customer experience while increasing revenue

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Media & Entertainment
Manage the unique ad sales and ad billing processes associated with emerging and complex revenue streams

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Stay competitive by predicting and responding to market changes and effectively managing your processes

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Life Sciences
Bring products to market faster while maintaining control and complying with regulations

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Optimize your supply chain by proactively addressing unpredictable demand, outsourcing, and price erosion

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Modernize your workplace, provide efficient customer service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximize profitability

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Ready to pave the way to innovation?

Whatever you’re ready for, we have the people, experience and solutions to make it happen.

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