Worried about upgrade costs
and potential headaches?
Worried about upgrade costs and potential headaches? Mr. John Smith
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Upgrade services: Take advantage of transformative technology

The thought of upgrading can be scary: will the benefits outweigh the cost and potential headaches? But don’t give up the potential to gain a competitive advantage through an application or platform upgrade. Each upgrade offers more powerful tools, features, performance enhancements, and more.

With the right partner, upgrading is a no-brainer. Talk to the experts in Cloud application upgrades at AKA about the best path for your organization.

When is an upgrade not an upgrade?

Is it an upgrade, a migration, or a re-implementation? And do you really need an upgrade at all? These questions might seem confusing since we’re talking about the importance of upgrading. But there are several ways to approach moving to an updated version of software. For example, new software comes functionality that is now “out of the box” so you might find you no longer need a customization.

After completing an assessment, we will recommend a straight upgrade, a migration, or a re-implementation. This will depend on the age of your current version, integrations, customizations, and processes.

Avoid choosing the wrong partner

Bad upgrade experiences are often a result of engaging with the wrong partner. As part of your due diligence, take the time to vet your potential upgrade partner. They must be experienced with upgrades and have legitimate technical and business qualifications—Microsoft, industry, etc.

The right partner also sets the tone for the upgrade. Make sure they understand your culture and are willing to work with you. Also, it is critical to have clear communications. If they are not listening to you or not keeping you in the loop, they are not a suitable candidate.

A business is like a fingerprint

No two businesses are alike, so no two upgrades are alike. Before discussing the specifics of your project, we learn about your organization – including your processes and culture. To ensure the process fits your unique needs and requirements, we have a proven methodology for handling upgrades with the necessary flexibility built in.


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